Our Commitment to Social Responsibility 

Here at Gateway Group we recognise that we must integrate our business values and operations to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders. They include customers, employees, investors, suppliers, the community and the environment.

We recognise that our social, economic and environmental responsibilities to these stakeholders are integral to our business. We aim to demonstrate these responsibilities through our actions and within our corporate policies.

We take seriously all feedback that we receive from our stakeholders and, where possible, maintain open dialogue to ensure that we fulfil the requirements outlined within this policy.

We shall be open and honest in communicating our strategies, targets, performance and governance to our stakeholders in our continual commitment to sustainable development.

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the implementation of this policy and will make the necessary resources available to realise our corporate responsibilities. The responsibility for our performance on this policy rests with all employees throughout the company.

Our Commitment to the UK Armed Forces Covenant

50% of the Gateway Group Team have served in the UK Armed Forces. As a result we have strong links to the Armed Forces and are unreservedly committed to assisting Service personnel, whether currently serving, veterans, or those transitioning into civilian life. 

We are committed to treating Armed Forces personnel with fairness and respect, and will always give them consideration when we have new career opportunities. 

We also believe that we should give back to the Armed Forces community and will actively seek to provide assistance to Armed Forces personnel wherever the opportunity arises. 

We will vigorously seek out other businesses committed to the Armed Forces Covenant, pooling resources to assist the men and women of our Armed Services.